Please use the below latex code to write your abstracts and send your tex file to with subject “WDEA2017 Abstract”.

\textwidth 15cm
\oddsidemargin 0cm
\evensidemargin 0.5cm
\parindent 0cm
%Below only speaker’s information should be written. If any, the names of coauthors should be mentioned later.
Name Surname
Institution, City, Country\\
Abstract text.
%Only the first letter of the first keyword should be capitalized.
\textbf{Keywords.} Keyword1/Anahtar kelime1, keyword2/anahtar kelime2, ….
%If there are coauthors they should be mentioned here.
This is a joint work with …, … and ….
%Here you may list the references you have cited. Please do not write any references which is not cited in the abstract text.
A.A. Aaaaa, \textsl{Book Title}, Publisher, City/Country Year.
A. Aaaaa, B.B. Bbbbbb, C. Ccccc and D. Ddddd, Article title, \textsl{Journal Title} \textbf{Volume Number} (Year), start page number–end page number.

The size of the poster must be 591×841. To prepare a poster in this size you may use the format below:

\mode { \usetheme{Berlin}}
\usepackage{amsmath,amsthm, amssymb, latexsym}


\begin{block}{Column 2}

\begin{block}{\large Row 2}
… \end{block}


You may find different choices for a poster in this link.